Our mission as teaching & coaching staff

As Just Rhythm Teachers, Coaches & Mentors we endeavour to:

  • Work together as a team, to create a positive and productive learning environment for all our students and their families without favour.

  • Encourage a love of dance in our students and their families that will last a lifetime.

  • Encourage excellence in dance, grooming & etiquette at all levels of dance.

  • Improve our skills as dancers and teachers by reading, learning & keeping up to date with current trends in dance, coaching and accreditation processes.

  • Encourage a high level of integrity, with a focus on improving dance and having pride in skills, appearance and behaviour without reference to avenues for political gain.

  • Encourage a high level of sportsmanship among students, inside and outside of the studio.

  • Ensure our students have a plan for their dancing with relevant goals.

  • Attend student performances where possible to show your support but also to learn from their performances and determine what avenues to take for their future lessons.

  • Encourage, support & promote all other staff members and classes.

  • Welcome dancers, friends and family into our space without fear of judgement or ridicule.

Finally we endeavour to treat each member of Just Rhythm as family.

Just Rhythm Dance Academy Family
We are also newish to Just Rhythm Dance studio coming into our third year great environment to learn in beautiful group of people always supporting each other my happy place
Such a wonderful team of people who provide awesome support in a fun, energetic and dedicated environment!! Can't wait to bring my two kids in for lessons
Love this studio. Very friendly and supportive vibe. Everyone's motivated to work, and it's contagious. Coaches are dancers you aspire to emulate. It's a wonderful, inspiring team to be around, and my dancing has improved so much!
You walk in the door and the positive, friendly vibe instantly hits you. Great team, great teachers who brilliantly encourage you, loads of laughs, super dancing, beautiful and caring dancing community that shares its knowledge. You can compete or just attend classes for fitness and fun.