ADS Premiere Dancesport Championships

Monday, February 4, 2019
ADS Premiere Dancesport Championships

Another successful day for the Just Rhythm team at this sensational event. The Australia Events Centre at Essendon fields provided the perfect backdrop for this years competition and an extensive program across all age groups as well as teacher student events (and University events), it's fantastic to see it's profile growing once again.

It was a huge day out on the floor for our Just Rhythm couples and teacher/student pairings with events starting early in the morning for the Recreation couples, individuals and Teacher Student Events with our own Daniel Maloney managing to dance 16 events almost in a row - only coming off the floor to pick up a new partner and the occasional one event break for the University events.

Congratulations to Terry & Anabelle on their first competition together. Dancing all 3 styles in such a short time together and taking on the Youth category with such class!


Nathan Xuereb & Lane Findlay

Adult B Grade Latin - Finalist
Adult B Grade Standard - Finalist

Benjamin Hosken & Maria Martella

Adult B Grade New Vogue - Finalist
Adult C Grade New Vogue - 3rd

Terry Damjanovic & Anabelle Shimmins
Under 21 B Grade Latin - Finalist
Under 21 B Grade New Vogue - Finalist
Under 21 B Grade Standard - Finalist

John Astachiw & Doreen Farrugia

Masters 2 B Grade Latin - 3rd
Masters 2 B Grade New Vogue - Finalist
Masters 2 C Grade New Vogue - 3rd
Masters 2 C Grade Standard - 3rd

Nigel Kukulka & Margaret Kukulka

Masters 2 Open Latin - 1st                                                                                                                                         
Masters 1 Open Latin - 4th

Viktor Fejes & Christine Fejes

Masters 3 Open Latin -3rd                                                                                                                                     
Masters 2 Open Latin - 6th                                                                                                                                     
Masters 3 C Grade Standard -4th, B Grade -8th

Luke Warren & Michelle Colosimo

Recreational Adult Couples Latin - 2nd
Recreational Adult Couples New Vogue - 2nd
Recreational Adult Lady Latin - Finalist
Recreational Adult Lady New Vogue - 3rd
Recreational Adult Lady Standard - Finalist
Recreational Adult Man Latin - 2nd
Recreational Adult Man New Vogue - 1st
Recreational Adult Man Standard - Finalist

Jayne Burgess & Neville Parry/Daniel Maloney

Teacher/Recreational Masters 1 Latin - 1st
Teacher/Recreational Masters 1 New Vogue - 1st
Teacher/Recreational Masters 1 Standard - 2nd
Teacher/Student Masters 1 Carousel - 3rd
Teacher/Student Masters 1 Quickstep - 3rd
Teacher/Student Masters 1 Swing Waltz - 3rd
Teacher/Student Masters 1 Waltz - 3rd

Fei Gao & Neville Parry

Teacher/Recreational Adult/U21 Latin - 1st
Teacher/Student Under 21/Adult CCC - 1st
Teacher/Student Under 21/Adult Jive - 2nd

Elise Churcher & Neville Parry/Daniel Maloney

Teacher/Student Jnr/Juv CCC - 1st
Teacher/Student Jnr/Juv Evening 3 Step - 1st
Teacher/Student Jnr/Juv Jive - 2nd
Teacher/Student Jnr/Juv Quickstep - 2nd
Teacher/Student Jnr/Juv Tangoette - 1st
Teacher/Student Jnr/Juv Waltz - 2nd

Leesa Kiely & Neville Parry
Teacher/Student Masters 1 Carousel - 1st
Teacher/Student Masters 1 CCC - 1st
Teacher/Student Masters 1 Quickstep - 1st
Teacher/Student Masters 1 Samba - 1st
Teacher/Student Masters 1 Swing Waltz - 1st
Teacher/Student Masters 1 Waltz - 1st

Sean Heiford & Sharron Weight

Masters 1 Open Latin - 1st

Edward Wong & Chenee Peh

Masters 2 B Garde Latin - 1st                                                                                                                          
Masters 2 Open Latin - 3rd

Luke Zappelli & Lindsey Gillard

Adult C Grade Latin - Semi Finalist
Adult C Grade New Vogue - Semi Finalist
Adult C Grade Standard - Semi Finalist

Apologies if we have missed anyone