An Open Letter to our beloved DanceSport Community

Wednesday, April 1, 2020
An Open Letter to our beloved DanceSport Community

Dear Dancers, Professionals, Amateurs, Studio Owners, Families & Friends,

During this unprecedented time of isolation and financial hardship I feel as a community we must support each other however possible.

Just Rhythm Dance Academy enjoys continued success through the generosity and compassion of our dance family. We wish to extend this generosity to our wider dance community. We are offering classes online via Zoom. We are offering these classes with the choice of participants to donate a fee as small or as big as they can or want to contribute.

I am fortunate that all my coaches have offered their services free even though they themselves have their incomes compromised. All donations to us are to be split between the coaches and studio to help support one another through this time.

I would like to offer other studios the opportunity to offer our classes to their students and receive donations directly. All studios need to do is offer the classes to their students and send us an email with the names of those who will be joining. We will then send you the link for the classes to pass onto your students. Dancers who would like to join our classes, I encourage your to book via your home or local studio or the studio you wish to send your donation to. Please reference the class or teacher in your payment.

It is our vision to see al studios survive this pandemic and thrive with an abundance of passionate dancers.

We need our dance studios when we get through this and they need our support right now. If you have a class to share then let's do it. Let's keep our dancers inspired and support our community Australia wide & beyond.

Please feel free to contact me for more information.

Warm regards,

Julie Jones Milicevic

Stay Safe, Stay Home & Keep Dancing