Return to the studio - November 2020!

Wednesday, November 4, 2020
Return to the studio - November 2020!

9th November 2020

We are very excited to be returning to the studio. There are several restrictions under the government's Step 3 guidelines that we would like you to be aware of so we can work together to keep everyone safe. Please remember guidelines are constantly changing and we will keep you updated.

  • Masks are mandatory - for over 12 years. If you have a medical exemption you will need to let us know via email prior to attending the studio. Instructors may remove masks to communicate effectively. If you need to remove your mask please step outside.
  • Studio Capacity is 10 Adults or 20 Juniors (U/18) - This does not include instructors. I.E 5 couples in privates at one time and 10 students in a class. Junior classes may have 20. 1 caregiver per child is allowed, but will be included in the 20.  Priority of entry is given to dancers.  Please manually sign in at entry and wait to be given access. 8m2 rule means only 3 allowed in foyer or 6 juniors. 1 in change room and toilets or a married couple of 2 juniors.
  • Sanitising Surfaces - 15 minutes between classes where necessary is to allow for crossover of students and sanitising. Regular sanitising of surfaces will occur.  Please choose one area or chair to sit in. While staff will sanitise we also encourage you to help yourself to sanitising equipment.
  • Social Distancing - 1.5m distancing is to be adhered to at all times. Only those who are married or living together may dance together. This rule applies to all ages.
  • Contact Tracing - Please sign in and out manually at the entry as well as sign in on the MindBody App for any classes.
  • Booking Classes - With limited capacity in classes we ask that you book via MindBody, wait for confirmation and pay in advance to secure your spot. The first 10 will have priority of choice and the rest will be waitlisted. In order to accomodate everyone we may ask you to choose one class to allow everyone a chance to attend at least one class in the week. We may find capacity restrictions change and we can allow waitlisted students to join or we may add additional classes. So please know if you are waitlisted we will do our best to get you dancing in somewhere, somehow.
  • COVID Supervisors - One of our teachers will be allocated COVID Supervisor and for the most part this will be Julie, if any parents or individuals would like to help man the entrance, keep track of capacity and help with sanitising on any day please let me know. The help would be appreciated and I would then be able to include you as staff which means your presence in the studio does impact on capacity.
  • Seating Areas - We will have extra seating outside including on the balcony for those waiting to enter for classes or parents waiting.
  • Practice - Those with privates on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday will be able to practice for and after lessons where capacity allows, but must finish 15 mins prior to attending classes unless attending class. There will not be capacity for anyone else to practice after 5pm on these nights. If I can accommodate practice times for you I will, but you must book with me.
  • Practice Class - There will be no sets of 5 initially. We will play approximately 5 songs for each dance for you to steady practice to music. Non contact social distancing applies unless you are living together or in a relationship.

We thank you for your continued support at this time and we look forward to working together to keep everyone safe.

Regards Julie